Sphingidae Gallery

To enlarge images simply click on them. You will see a control bar on the image that you can use to scroll through images before and after. Click on and image twice and it will close. You can open more than one image if you wish to compare moths and you can even use the cross arrow icon to move the images. Click on a name to learn more about a particular moth. Enjoy!

Agrius convolvuliAgrius convolvuliAgrius convolvuliAgrius convolvuliAcherontia atropos
Acherontia atroposAcherontia atroposAcherontia atroposAcherontia atroposAcherontia atropos
Acherontia atroposAcherontia atroposAcherontia atroposSphinx ligustriSphinx ligustri
Sphinx ligustriSphinx ligustriMimas tiliaeMimas tiliaeMimas tiliae
Mimas tiliaeSmerinthus ocellataLaothoe populiLaothoe populiLaothoe populi
Laothoe populiLaothoe populiLaothoe populiLaothoe populiLaothoe populi
Macroglossum stellatarumMacroglossum stellatarumMacroglossum stellatarumMacroglossum stellatarumDaphnis nerii
Hyles euphorbiaeHyles euphorbiaeHyles galliiHyles galliiHyles gallii
Hyles galliiHyles livornicaDeilephila elpenorDeilephila elpenorDeilephila elpenor
Deilephila elpenorDeilephila elpenorDeilephila porcellusDeilephila porcellusDeilephila porcellus
Deilephila porcellusDeilephila porcellusHippotion celerio